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Rock Hamilton...
a speaker with  passion & warmth!

motivational speaker near me L.A.

"If a task is once begun never leave until it's done be the labor great or
small do it well or not at all."

motivational speaker near me

It's time to hire the right speaker!

There is nothing more important than hiring the right speaker for your event, but a speaker with an incredible story and energy!


Name, Identity, and Likeness is our number one topic,
to protect the young athlete coming out of high school and going into college

"I would hate to see the same thing happened to anyone else that
happened to me."

If you are interested in Professional Wrestling, Football, or Basketball, you need to hear Rocks' story.

Rock also does a lot of charity work and is always full of surprises.

So check him out and be amazed at what you might hear.

Benefits of Hiring Rock Hamilton...

KNOW... you've hired the right professional!

  • RESPONSIBLE... It's about You & Your Audience!

  • Passion and Warmth are his Core Values!

  • A Man with History, Stories and Love of Helping Kids!

  • A caring man that gives back to the community FIRST!

  • A man who actually cares about your audience!

WABC Radio interview with Rock, A.K.A. Lenwood "Skip" Hamilton,